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FrutosDAlegria ® Products

The best assortment of a series of teas and infusions where nothing is prepared at random and everything is focused on a good outcome, promoting feelings and vibrations of well-being, relaxation and pleasure, meeting inner harmony since everything is prepared with Love! Already recognized nationally and internationally.

The products made by Carla have good vibrations, but they don’t cause you any hallucinations 🙂 The flavours of teas and infusions are unusual and delicious but, besides spectacular moments, they won’t cause you harm or vicious!!!

The idea popped up with the perception of the need to promote an awakening of consciousness in mankind, through Tea and Infusions, using its theme and vibration allied to the power of suggestion. Initially, we started with only 5 teas: Love, Joy, Friendship, Happy Moments and Flowers of Harmony. The reaction was wonderful, and no one can remain indifferent because the feeling of Love is good for everyone…

Growth and consolidation

Since its launch, the 5 initial thematic teas have expanded to dozens of other formulations that leave everyone amazed, as these new mixtures produce fantastic results, promoting well-being and good mood to those who have the privilege of tasting them… Whoever buys it, being a woman or a man, certainly becomes a fan!!!

The set of choices also includes a range of carefully selected medicinal teas, from various backgrounds, and a collection of herbal infusions of distinctive quality.


We intend to be the reference in the commercialization of vibrational teas, of creative and distinct flavours, which provide unique moments of well-being and a significant increase in the vibrational frequency of any person who desires to be awaken to this situation, providing good mood by raising its vibration.

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