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Joy Kit Includes: 6 mini infusions (love, joy, friendship, happy moments, happy family and gratitude) and an Infuser for tea. Prepared in Portugal, with Love    

Detox Kit Includes:  Set of 3 Slimming Infusions (Slender silhouette, Sparkle in the eyes and Good Friends) of Detox effect with draining, thinning, appetite suppressant and fat burning powers. Prepared with love in Portugal


Relax Kit Includes:  3 infusions (Gratitude Infusion, Relax Infusion and Flowers of Harmony Infusion) with super relaxing effect that promote a soothing and relaxing effect to a calming and restful sleep. Prepared with love in Portugal


Love Kit This kit is a precious gift A love with many sensations !!! Includes:  Love Infusion, Love Tea Jelly and Love Mug. May Love be present at all times! In every situation… Prepared with love in Portugal  

Good Friends Kit Includes: 1 Christmas Tea or other of your choice 1 Chilli pepper (“piri-piri”) 1 Glühwein (spice blend for hot wine) – includes the preparation recipe Prepared with love in Portugal

Happy Family Kit Composed by: 1 Happy Family Tea 1 Happy Family Tea Jelly 1 Chilli pepper (“piri-piri”) 1 Dehydrated Ginger 1 seasoning (flavoured salt) for Meat 1 seasoning (flavoured salt) for Fish 1 seasoning (flavoured salt) for Salads and Pasta 1 Pack of Artisanal Cookies Offer of 1 cork mug base Prepared with love…


Dear Mom Pack Wonderful Pack to offer to the mother who is our greatest asset! A tasty gift, for a mother who likes to savor and appreciate Life. Composed by: 1 Happy Moments Infusion 1 Jelly of Love 1 pack of Happy Pistachio cookies Prepared with love in Portugal


Goddess Pack Composed by: 1 Goddess Infusion 1 Infusion of Serenity 1 Infusion of Gratitude Prepared with love in Portugal

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