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It has an excellent vibration, strong antioxidant power and an interesting effect – if you need motivation, this infusion provides a great result!!

Serenity to accept what we cannot modify is a remarkable wisdom to transform our life!

Sometimes it is not enough just to let it flow, take a deep breath and smile. Words are needed, as well as drinking this infusion and allow yourself to connect…

To be grateful is to undress the robes of power and wear the sensitivity, instead. It is the willing to embrace the kindness of the planet and not live a fake life!

This infusion is excellent to drink before going to bed, instead of counting sheep to fall asleep!

It has excellent digestive and soothing capacities because harmony is important!

Woman, you are a Holy Goddess! Choose to be Happy and live in Love. allows yourself to BE a blessed soul and have a better taste in your Life…

The solution for fun people who appreciate living, who aspire to have a long and animated life, always in a good mood!

Listen to the voice of your heart, he never deceives you. It is your intuition, whenever she says no , it is No!

A Top-quality product: green tea with red fruits. It promotes a feeling of freedom of excellent quality…

We don’t always know where a good friend is, but when he’s needed, he’s there… He is the person who knows my worst secrets and to whom I confess my biggest fears, and he helps me to overcome them. He is also happy that we can toast together!

The infusion of acceptance makes people understand that there is nothing to fear… that we must work on acceptance by each and any person, like brothers.

With an invigorating effect, mate tea and ginseng root provide a great result… No one can stand still!

Energy has reinvigorated and it tastes so stimulating to start the day with good energy! With a sparkle in the eye and a spectacular energy!!

Melhor Escolha Vegan

With Frutos d’Alegria more and more people are discovering vegetables as a source of health and well-being. This series of Vegan teas contains vitamins and minerals and sparks a tasty and refreshing experience. It can be ingested as tea or used as a spicy base for soups and broths.


The flavour of this infusion has chocolate and mint notes. Those who experience it feel a renewed and fresh spirit…

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